Parents/Family Members

The Chargers family loves our families! We have such a strong and loving community that is full of support from our family members! 


Some important things to remember as family members:

  • Please share with us important things we may need to know about your athlete (allergies, medical conditions/limitations, behaviors, etc). We want to be able to support and include as many athletes as possible in the highest level of independence that is appropriate

  • Please trust our coaches to teach your athlete what they need to learn. The Chargers take coaching seriously (see our coaching page for more information) and they have your athlete’s best interest at heart. When we have parents giving directions, coaching from the sidelines, etc., it can be overwhelming and/or confusing to the athletes, and potentially undermining a play/technique/skill that the coach has been working on. So please let our coaches coach, and our players play!

  • We love cheering and support! And we need it to be positive, and include all team members. We try to promote good sportsmanship within our own team, as well as to other teams or athletes we may be competing against. So we love to hear “Good play”, “Nice shot”, “Go Chargers”, etc….not, “what are you thinking”, or “pay attention”. 

  • Please pay attention to correspondence from Special Olympics (SONC) regarding medical forms. Medical forms expire every 3 years. Notices get sent out from SONC before they expire. If athletes stay on top of their forms, they are able to participate any time they are interested. Once forms expire, they may be ineligible to participate, and miss a season, due to timelines. So please watch for notices and keep them current! 

  • Practices are important! Please help make attendance at practice a priority to any sport that your athletes commit to! Not only are important skills taught and developed, but team cohesion happens amongst the athletes, as well as leveling athletes based on skill. 

  • Please do not bring snacks to practices with the intention to share without first clearing with a coach. We have athletes with dietary restrictions and/or needs, as well as the possibility of conflicting with other things. So please ALWAYS check in with a coach before planning snacks for the team. And if snacks are provided, they should be for ALL the athletes; not just 1 individual team.

  • Independence is a HUGE priority for the Chargers. We encourage our athletes to be the most independent that they can be. This includes: being responsible for their gear, speaking for themselves, maintaining appropriate hygiene, and more!


If you want to help:

Anyone interested in coaching a specific sport, please see the Coaches page on this website

We also have other tasks that family members can assist with throughout the season besides coaching. So if you are interested in supporting the team, please email [email protected].

“Limitations live only in our minds”

– Jaime Paolinetti